Managing Cloud Data. Datasy a tale of Automation

  • Data Lake/Data Warehouse where all data will be stored. Customers usually want to have control over their data and with recent regulations like GDPR the data protection bar has risen for everyone. This is why usually for keeping data SaaS solutions and not very popular as they keep the data not on customer owned environment.
  • ETL cluster to manage all data pipelines and schedules. Everyone sees the increase of data generation in the world and realizes how important scalability is for their data platform to keep up with the data volumes increase even in the next 5 years. Also a cluster to take the heavy calculations and processing for training Machine Learning models.
  • Analytics cluster to pull data from the data lake and data warehouse and provide customers with valuable rich visualizations of the data to take more accurate and informed decisions. In our experience we’ve seen the major tools used for analytics and they are great but they come at a price. Either price as real money or price as you need to use given company technical stack.
  • Automation and Metadata — No customer wants to deal with writing code for data pipelines, creating infrastructure or migrating data. In most cases we were asked to automate these tasks too. Automation helps customers not to need experts they cannot find when their business needs it. For example they need just a few AWS Devops to manage the accounts, networking and IAM and not the whole data platform with all its complexities.
  • Last but not least all customers wanted to reduce costs. They looked at many option like changing the analytics tool so they don’t need to pay per user or using an opensource software for ETL and scheduling and here we are lucky for the times we live it as we have huge arsenal of advanced open source products at out disposal like Docker, Hashicorp’s Terraform, Apache Airflow, Apache Superset, Tensorflow, sklearn and so many more.





Passionate about Data Processing, Data Science and Machine learning

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Boyan Stoyanov

Boyan Stoyanov

Passionate about Data Processing, Data Science and Machine learning

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